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Walter & Lauren found each other through Colorado's outdoor recreation and their shared passion for river sports and rock climbing. Soon after meeting, they took their adventures on the road, working and traveling in various states across the country, living in their van.


In every state, they found their community and forged new friendships through local CrossFit gyms. When Walter & Lauren decided to make Buena Vista their permanent home, they realized their already awesome mountain town was missing something, and so began the journey to create Fortitude Fitness & CrossFit BV.

Walter & Lauren are passionate about building a strong, supportive community for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. At Fortitude Fitness & CrossFit BV, they will provide effective fitness training to safely promote strength, mobility, power, and longevity. Their goal is to help people stay strong and healthy so they are able to continue doing all the activities they love outside of the gym.


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